Sarah Loebman to start as assistant professor at UC Merced

Sarah Loebman

We are so excited that Sarah Loebman has accepted a faculty position at the University of California, Merced, where she will start as an Assistant Professor in their Department of Physics in fall 2020! We are doubly excited because, as their first astrophysics faculty, Sarah will start a new astrophysics program within their department. Fortunately for us, she will stay with our group at UC Davis for another year to finish her Hubble Fellowship. Congratulations Sarah!!!

real job gets real

Having been on leave (and pretending still to be a postdoc) over the last year, today I fully assume my position as Assistant Professor of Physics at UC Davis. Gulp.

assistant professor

Today I start as an assistant professor of physics at UC Davis. However, I will be on leave until 2017 July, while I finish my Caltech-Carnegie Fellowship in Pasadena. Now to see how much research I can get done before Life As A Professor takes over…