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Interview in December 2016 for the Carnegie Institution for Science

Interview in September 2016 for the California Institute of Technology


Inner Workings: Dwarf galaxies pose new questions about dark matter and the early universe that models are struggling to answer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Oct 2019)

Missing Galaxies? Now There’s Too Many
Quanta Magazine (Jan 2019)

Baking a Universe
Sky & Telescope Magazine (May 2017)

The Mystery of the Missing Satellites

Scientists recreate galaxies with supercomputer to solve decades-old mystery

Recreating our Universe on a Supercomputer
Caltech News (September 2016)

Reconciling Dwarf Galaxies with Dark Matter
Carnegie Science News (September 2016)

Astronomers Created the Most Detailed Computer Model of the Galaxy
Popular Mechanics (September 2016)

This may be the most accurate Milky Way galaxy simulation ever made
Business Insider (September 2016)

This may be the most accurate Milky Way galaxy simulation ever made
San Francisco Chronicle (September 2016)

Watch the Milky Way’s birth in this Caltech simulation
Engadget (September 2016)

Milky Way CSI: Were Galaxy ‘Homicides’ an Inside Job? (September 2016)

Recreating Our Galaxy in a Supercomputer
Boing Boing (September 2016)

Solved: the case of missing satellite galaxies
Cosmos Magazine (September 2016)

Caltech Designs A Computer Simulation Of The Milky Way Galaxy
Itech Post (September 2016)

Reconciling dwarf galaxies with dark matter (September 2016)

Recreating Our Galaxy in a Supercomputer
Space Daily (September 2016)

Watch the Milky Way being BORN in a few seconds
Daily Mail (September 2016)

New Supercomputer Model of the Milky Way Reveals Truth About Missing Galaxies
Nature World News (September 2016)

Galaxy Simulations Solve Missing Satellites Mystery
Interesting Engineering (September 2016)

Possible perp found in mystery of Milky Way’s missing galaxy pals
Science News (June 2016)

Missing Dwarf Galaxies Never Were
Sky & Telescope (June 2016)

The Milky Way’s Nearby Dark-Matter Hotspot
The Daily Galaxy (March 2016)