My group‘s research focuses on theoretical and computational astrophysics and cosmology, primarily the following areas:

cosmological structure formation

We model the formation of dark-matter + gaseous halos and the galaxies that form inside of them, including the physics of dark matter, gas dynamics, star formation, stellar evolution, and stellar feedback.

galactic archeology

We model the formation history of the Milky Way, Andromeda, and the Local Group across all of their components: dark matter halos, stellar and gaseous disks, giant molecular clouds, star clusters, stellar halos, and low-mass galaxies.

near-field cosmology

We use stellar and gas dynamics to measure the spatial and velocity distribution, and test the particle nature, of dark matter around us.

computational methods and cosmological simulations
We develop computational methods and run the next generation of cosmological simulations on the world’s most powerful supercomputers, supported by the NSF and NASA, including: